Monday, September 03, 2007

We Are 6

This year our wedding anniversary was shadowed by another wedding. Not mine, I promise. Heh. It was a cousin of mine who got married. To this little adik, Congrats and may you be as happy as ..... ME!

Initially quite upset by the fact that we'll not have our customary hotel stay and wonderful dinner, I quickly got over it as I was swept into the festivities of the wedding.

The next day MBB surprised me with a bouquet of lilies. I felt a little bad as I had not gotten him anything but i broke lah darling. Year end I get you something ok?

Ayang, I know I give you a lot of grief about many things, but to me, it's a sign that I still care. I think when the time comes that I don't bother anymore, it'll be a sad sad day. For all that grief and more grief to come, I sincerely do apologise. Thank you for bringing meaning and brightness into my life. Although you know what I really want in my life now, I thank you for understanding that you might also not ever get it. Thank you for being there when things were really bad. Thank you for being there when I had thought it was the end of the world. Thank you for holding my hand and making it all ok. Thank you Ayang. I love you.

To my kakis reading this, I know, come get bucket from me ok?

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