Monday, September 18, 2006

Pot unLucky

Bringing food to a potluck is always a gamble. This weekend, my pot, was really unlucky. Excpet for MBB, no one else touched it. Notwithstanding my rather yummy pasta, no one touched it. It then occured to me that one should just be minutely courteous and just 'taste' it. Rasa je. Nevermind that I had spent about 3 hours prepring the damnned pasta. It would be nice to just acknowledge my efforts by taking some of it and putting it on your plate and then just poke it around with your fork. You don't even have to actually eat it.

So much for courtesy.

With that they have catapulted themselves into a whole new playing field, The Out Laws.


Anonymous said... heck with the rest of them. I too get offended in situations like this but long as the hubby likes it,right?

tscd said...

What if they ate it and then made a face? That would be so much worse. My Outlaws do that sometimes. They don't do it on purpose, but it still hurts.

Zak said...

tcsd: You call them outlaws too? Hahahah.... I hate it that i let get to me.....

Anonymous: you are right.... as long as the hubby likes it. the only consolation!

gingerena said...

aiyoyo..porr gal! To cool down..try retail therapy. IT WORKS!
Trial and tested!

Surgeon in my dreams said...

I surely would have tried it!