Sunday, September 10, 2006

Butterfly Flutter By

I am nervous.

The diarrhoea, the crampy stomach sure as hell are not helping. You know the feeling you get when your teacher says "See me after school!" during the first period? That horrid sense of foreboding, not knowing what punishment will be meted out to you? Double, no quadruple that and you'll know how exactly how I feel.

I wonder if the fella will let me stop to crap.


Surgeon in my dreams said...

Was' up ZAK? If there was nothing here by today, I was going to ask where you had gone.

My nerves go straight to my belly too! I u nderstand that 100%. I am to meet my mother for lunch today - have been running to the bathroom now for a few days just thinking about it. We're not very close is a nice way of putting our relationship into words.

Take care - spill your guts if that will help. You have my email addy.

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