Friday, September 22, 2006

All I Have To Do Is Dream

Where: At my desk, in my study
When: Abt 1.45 am
What: 3 stacks of mock exam papers staring me in the eye.

Instead of finishing the compo strewn all in front of me, courtesy of my fan, I decided to berangan ( Malay for building sandcastles in the air.) So I started surfing the internet. Note to self : NEVER have the laptop set up when piles of marking are just waiting to be marked. Anyhoo, then I thought, what car do I want when I eventually get 1? So off to car manufacturers' websites I surfed. Then I saw this and immediately fell in love.



Anonymous said...

Oi,please reconsider getting a Volvo.The brand is owned by Ford and we all know that Ford's had recalls up to yin-yang and is considering either going bankrupt or merging with GMC!

tiahuliz said...

Proton lah proton.
Support Proton.