Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some Good, Some Not So Good

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and I also regrettably announce that I'm still very much alive and kicking. ( Sheil, sorry to disappoint you!! ) I have just been very busy lately.

A lot has happened since the last entry. Some good, some not so good.

Not so good ( 1 )
Mak has TB. That just sucks. But I must say she's taking it pretty well. It's a good thing we caught it early, doc says. She's on meds now. Doc says if she takes the meds regularly and as prescribed, she'll be ok. The only sucky thing for her is that she'll have to dialyse at an isolated facility and not together with her dialysis kakis. Hang on in there Mak, it's only 2 weeks.

Not so good ( 2 )
I have to be away for a week from school. This I reckon will not be good as I do not know how my P will react to it. It will also be the week where my kiddies will be having their SA1 oral exams. If I'm gone, there'll only be 2 of my teachers testing the PM kids and there are MANY of them. Sigh. I feel so bad leaving them in the lurch like this. It'll also mean that I'll have a week less to do revision with my kiddies. Actually, at this moment I don't know what to do. Why do I have to go you ask? Now that will bring me to the next not so good thing.

Not so good ( 3 )
I had an ultrasound done and my gynae found that my womb lining is suspiciously thick. There were also some funny looking 'somethings' in my womb. So what she wants to do is a D&C procedure to scrape out the lining and have it tested at the lab. I had asked her if I could have it done in May after the SA1 is over but she says this needed to be done urgently. I'm really torn. The decision to go has, however been made up for me as I have, once again, started to bleed excessively again. I have to get this fixed.

So, to all my dear friends who WILL be visiting me in the hospital, I WANT FLOWERS.

Now, for the pieces of good news that really made my week.

Good ( 1 )
The Malay Dance in my school was awarded the GOLD medal in the recent SYF. From what I hear it was the p6 boys that captured the judges' eye and most of these boys are mine! I'm so, so the very proud of them. Congrats to Tya who has really worked hard on this, given the crappy assistant ( not Suharti! ) that was assigned to her.

Good ( 2 )
I PASSED my FTT. So happy, happy, happy I am!!!! And guess what? My practical test, will be on September 11th. I told my instructor that I might just crash into some building. Touch Wood!!!

So that's it. Things happen. We get so caught up in them that when the day ends, you just wonder where the hours have gone. Sigh.... Such is life...

So people, pray that I come out of the hospital still alive ok?


Sunshine said...

Yay! You passed your test!! Told you it was pretty straightforward. Now I'm closer to taking a ride in your MPV .. YAHOO! Tell your mum to take care ok.

tiahuliz said...

Nak munger apa? plastik bleh tak? buah nak?

sue said...

Hope everything goes well.Reading ur entry makes me realise, its ironic to read abt those ladies who go thru abortion/throw their babies away, yet yg nak dapat anak susah..My aunt been trying for 15 years.