Friday, August 08, 2008


I was back in SG a couple of days ago and had the luxury of spending sometime with my baby sister. We headed to town one day and was sitting at Coffee Bean, which is Halal now by the way, while waiting for my appointment at inuovi cosmetics. We were just sitting watching people go by... I realised that there is nothing really different between the crowds that throng the malls in HK and in SG. All are clad in designer labels, all carry arm candies of which the most popular seem to be LV. But I must say that SGeans definitely dress better than their HK counterparts. HKers tend to be more 'adventurous' when it comes to dressing, they bat no eyelashes when seeing someone in a dress that has more ropol than Ramlah Ram's or someone who has pink hair or someone who wears luminous pink shoes ( I saw this myself at City Super yesterday). I know that if the same pink shoes were worn in SG, the person wearing it would hear no end of sniggers, would receive no end of 'what were you thinking?!!' stares. I guess, HKers are more open like that.

Anyway, back to Coffee Bean, so, we were people watching when this woman caught our eyes. She was in a fitting top, almost exposing her bosom, with skin tight black pencil skirt and heels and was carrying an LV Galliera. She had funky short hair and my initial reaction is wah lau! So stylo! That is until she came closer and I saw her face..... ALAMAK!!! Tua kerepot nak mampos lah! I mean, she was definitely 55, at the very least! But hey, if you can still carry off that kind of outfit at THAT age, then by all means lah kan..... but this one cannot lah... She really looked like Mak Enon (Remember her?).

So while I was having this internal conflict and all, my baby sister spoke and we had this conversation....

BabySis: Kak! Did you see that old woman???

Me: I know!!! Wah Lau eh!!!!

BabySis: Why she so old still want to dress like that?

Me: Ya man! So not age appropriate kan?

BabySis: Dia tak takut kena rape ke?

Me: ???

BabySis: Old woman pun can kena rape tau kak.......

Me: ???

Hahahha..... that's Farah for you.... sometimes she says the funniest things. maybe because she was fasting. Is it Far??

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