Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy National Day Y'all!!

I just made Alam spend the past hour or so singing National Day Songs. Heh.... I miss it, I really do..... Singing National Day songs I mean. Don't tell people ok? That and the extra holiday schools get on the 10th of August. When I was teaching, I'd sit with my kids and sing at the top of my voice. The best part? I got away with it! hehehhe.... We'd start from "We have a vision for tomorrow....Just believe...Just believe..." and work our way to "This is home truly.... Where I know I must be...Where my dream wait for me...Where the river always flow..."

I just so enjoy singing these songs. Surrounded by kids wearing red, frantically waving the plastic flags in your face, you just cannot help but feel a wave of patriotism wash over you. It is during this time, and when the Majulah Singapura is sung during the National day parade that I feel extremely proud to be a Singaporean. Seriously.

This year will be a first as Alam and I celebrate National Day out of Sg. We have mixed feelings about it I guess. For me, it is also the first time I am not actively celebrating it (in school) I reckon there will be some celebrations at the Sg Embassy here but a bunch of adults singing such songs and waving plastic flags really don't appeal to me..... plus they'll know it's me contributing the terrible voice.....

Anyway, as I'm typing this, it is just past midnight, so HAPPY NATIONAL DAY EVERYONE!!!

Incidentally, on SG's National day, we're in HK.... on October 1st, HK's establishment day, we'll be in Sg...hehee..... October 1st is also hari Raya mah....

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