Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Back!

We like this Chinese Muslim restaurant on Wan Chai Rd. Since we came here, we've been there many many many times. It has a shiok selection of dishes. Very authentically chinese. We were told it was Shanghainese cuisine. No problem lah, the food is fantastic anyways. Recently, they decided to chnage the menu and make it a Cantonese restaurant. Changes are good right? NO. The food was terrible, they had this dish of fried beehoon, canto style, but it was just like beehoon fried in kunyit. So the tak sedap. We stopped going. Apparently not only us. Many of their customers also stopped coming.

Last weekend, we happened to pass the restaurant and saw that the old menu had returned! Hooray!! So we went in and had the Shangahinese Fried Noodles and the Spring Onion Chicken. So sedap! Yummm.....

We had half a chicken. The restaurant took it to mean quite literally and they even served us with half the chicken's head. It was halved right down the middle!! Things like these really gross me out. My alam dearest took the half head and put it under a bowl so that I would stop getting grossed out. So sweet he is....:-)

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