Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Halfway Mark

It will be 6 months come this 26th since we have taken that leap of faith. Many things have happened since. In fact some things are still happening. Alam and I have adjusted to life here in HK. Though we surely miss comforts of home all the time, things here are not too shabby. Of course we didn't have the luck or luxury of getting a home here that has 9 bedrooms and 4 maids with 2 cars and chauffeurs to boot, but what we have is cosy, to say the least. It's small, which means I don't have much to clean up. My only regret is the small kitchen which means Alam and I can no longer be cooking together, something we love doing. Speaking of cooking, I have been cooking almost everyday. I'm not too bad at it. Alam is still healthy and bouts of diarrhoea have not been caused by my cuisine. For Alam, life is pretty much similar to what it has always been, work work and more work, it's just geography.

I thought now would be a good time to take stock of things. I've had my rest. I've had my catching up on me time. It's time to dust myself off and DO. I've started by housekeeping my blogspot and multiply. Updating the new stuff and deleting the old. Strengthening old re-kindled friendships, which is amazing, and throwing out toxic 'friends'. I'm surprised at how full of shit some 'friends' can be. Alam says I'm naive like that. Talking about re-kindled friendships, I realise that I have friends all over the world. Literally. These friends have made a life for themselves and not too shabbily I might add. There's a doctor in London, a securities specialist in Canada, a Queen's Council in Australia, an editor right here in HK and more... ironically, these people who have travelled the world and are such high flyers are so humble and are NOT a pretentious lot. Unlike what I have been exposed to in my wonderful world of teaching. Sigh.....

Well, As I've said, it's time to DO.

1. Take Cantonese Lessons
We had an electrical failure episode a few nights ago which could have gone so wrong if we were bad at charades or if Alam didn't have Canto speaking colleagues. After that was sorted out, we decided that I HAVE to go learn.

2. Exercise
We have decided that while we are not putting on more weight - thank goodness- we should try to lose the excess weight - and we have plenty! - that we have. So, we will be walking on saturday mornings at Victoria Park. Oh, and I am seriously considering joining a gym.

3. Cook Complex Dishes
I'm going to try to up my cooking game. Not sure how but by God, I'll surely try!

Those are my priorities at the moment. I'll revisit these in say, 3 months and I'll give you an update. In the meantime, I'm gonna go look for matresses. My lovelies are coming to town! Can't wait! Oh, and KL cannot come fast enough! Gah!

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