Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fresh Seafood

The seafood here is very fresh and quite affordable. It's so fresh that fish and prawns are still flipping and flickering as they display it for you. The crabs and crayfish are still trying to climb out of the baskets they are put in. Actually, the longer I stood there and looked at this futile seafood escape, I felt quite sorry for them and momentarily considered going vegetarian.

So I walked the feeling off. We had gone to the market that morning looking to buy prawns. I was going to cook nasi lemak and prawn sambal. After getting my pack of flickering prawns, I was thinking, how on earth was I going to cook the prawns while they are still alive and kicking and all?? MBB assured me that by the time we get home, they'd be goners anyway. Oklah, or so I thought....

After putting away all the barang barang I had gotten at the market, I started on the prawns. I pored them all out into a big bowl to de-shell them. As i picked one up and was about to pluck it's head off, it's little feet started moving!! Then some of the ones in the big bowl also started to move the long strand on their heads. Oh, I wanted to die......

I yelled for MBB to put the prawns back into the freezer. He just smiled and gave me a very amused look. So no nasi lemak and prawn sambal till the prawns are good and dead!

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