Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dalla Sua Pace

I got this from the Story Teller....
Mozart's "Dalla Sua Pace", an aria from his opera "Don Giovanni"

The original Italian:
Dalla sua pace la mia dipende;
Quel che a lei piace vita mi rende,Quel che le incresce morte mi dà.
S'ella sospira, sospiro anch'io;È mia quell'ira, quel pianto è mio;
E non ho bene, s'ella non l'ha.

The English translation:
On her peace mine depends;
What makes her happy brings me life,
What makes her sad brings me death.
If she sighs, I sigh too;
It is mine that anger, those tears are mine;
And I have no peace if she does not.

How true I thought this is of my relationship with HER. Unfortunately, sometimes, in HER pursuit for harmony, for affirmation, I get rendered speechless... Sometimes, the people we love the most, are the most difficult to love.

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Anonymous said...

You're not talking about me are you? I'm not hard to love at allllllllll!!!!