Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Itchy Fingers

I'd like to think I'm this spontaneous-fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal. Maybe 5 years ago I probably was lah. Why, Mdm F was just remarking how reckless we were when we were younger. But since age and well, weight have caught up and and slowed me waaay down, I have, sadly become somewhat a stickler for all things routine. Heh..... Probably retribution for accusing Datin of being an obsessive compulsive all these years. So it is that now, I have this ability to realise just exactly when my barang has been changed or disturbed. So imagine how unsettling it was to find my seat at the office readjusted not once, not twice but EVERYTIME I got back to my seat! I mean, what gives.....?

To you who has been happiliy helping yourself to my seat, go on, use it, but just DON'T go and itchy fingers and adjust here and there lah!! Haiyah!

1 comment:

gingerena said...

my-oh-my....better becarefull..
i have instances where i took some stickers for ONE seconds and it was remembered for like centuries..and of course using other laptop when the persons ain't around has labelled me as SOMEONE WHO NEEDS to be WATCHED as people are ALL watching my steps ALL THE TIME :P ANd guess what?
i am not going anonymous..coz i GOT GUTS lah..