Monday, February 26, 2007


Perceptions can work to you advantage. Or not. 10 years ago i would not have given two hoots to what others' perceptions of me would be, but now, it is a completely different situation. I do give 2 hoots how people perceive me. In fact I give many hoots lah. I do hope that with this reappearance, people will not assume to liken us. I'd just hate that. We are 2 very very very different people ok!


Sunshine said...

Hmmm ... very mysterious. Liken you to who?

tiahuliz said...

Halo halo halooooo.......bothered by how people perceive u? hmmm ni mcm sign of ageing. Hmmmm liken her to Chew Interior Design ke? Hmmm cannot be. Ni mesti Ibu mertua ku...hmmmm actually aku pun tak faham ini sentence. ahahahahahah English powderful sangat lah.