Friday, October 13, 2006

So Sedap!

I brought MBB here on Wednesday for Iftar. The great concept design, excellent food, efficient service made MBB's dining experience very the truly pleasureable. Too bad about the price though. Had to dig deep into my pockets. At $58+++ a pop, I kept insisting that MBB ate our money's worth. Usually at $38+++, the price was increased with the inclusion of a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean spread for the Ramadhan Buffet.
There was a great variety of fare available. More than the lunch spread apparently. Throughout dinner MBB was trying to explain to me why he felt the price was so. It was all about the ingredients he said. I had to agree lah. They used the freshest raw stuff to prepare their food. From the lamb chops to the Min Chiang Kueh to the coconut sorbet. They were so sedap.
The Mid.East/ Mediterranean spread was interesting. While most dishes came with names I had never heard of, they had the better known shawarma, falafel, humus and stuff like that. They also had something that I had ony heard of. They had Babaganoush. I was tickled pink when I read the name.It was actually a thick sauce of eggplant, sesame seeds, tahini, olive oil, lemon, and garlic. While I was excited to finally find out what babaganoush was, I was not too keen to taste it. It looked quite gross. Heh. I also had Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. That was a first for me too. How it tasted? Hmmm..... it was alright I guess. I liked the stock it was cooked in. Very fresh.
Well, we are looking forward to going there again, in November when my SIL celebrates her birthday. She's finally gonna get to eat her duck. Yaay!!
I hoped MBB enjoyed dinner and I think he did. If his purring everytime I rubbed his...... err.....tum tum was anything to go by, I think he definitely did.
* WINK *


Sunshine said...

Wow!! So jealous you know. Any other OKB who can blanja us again?!

Anonymous said...

MUST do dinner there next year when I get back OK? You belanja right??