Friday, September 02, 2005

Surprise..... Surprise!

Today is also my wedding aniversary. I had planned a small getaway for me and my sayangnext wekend, so i thought that we won't be doing anything today. I had planned to spend my day doing my 2 weeks worth of laundry anyway. so imagine how wonderfully surprised i was when a delivery of flowers plus an elephant came for me. the hippos have become an elepant, Is he trying to say something??.... dengan tee shirt koyak koyak aku bukak pintu.... malunya... luckily it was a lady..... now i feel a little guilty, luckily last month, i got him a nice seiko watch... so kira dah cover lah....hehe..... but he manages to surprise me most times...... i do love him...

Ayang, everyday I thank Allah for sending you into my life. I know we have had good times and bad ones..... but with the bad, we only grow stronger, in our understanding of each other, in our love for one another.... i know sometimes my actions leaves a lot to be desired and i absolutely appreciate that you try to see where i'm coming from. I love you my sayang. I am, today and for the rest of my life, yours, truly.

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