Sunday, September 11, 2005

Doing it Wrong?!

I don't really go to the market. Not that I'm too hoity toity for a wet, smelly, hot and full of ah-soh and know-all makciks... it's just that, by the time i wake from my slumber, the market is already closed lah!! So anyway, on Wednesday, I managed to drag myself out of bed and reached the market about an hour shy of it's closing... after getting my meat and chicken and fish, i was on my way to buy shiok mee soto at the food place above the market when i met this makcik who claims to be a friend of mak's..... Then the following conversation took place......

"eh... how are you? long time never hear your story ah..... so where baby?"

Hmmm.... I thought..... where baby?

So I replied,"Not yet lah Cik..... Not time yet..."

"Not time yet? When?"

hmm.... how would i know? God is it?

So again i reiterated," Not yet lah cik... but we still trying..."

"Alamak, trying? should have baby long time already...... i think maybe you do wrongly is it?"

I was ????? Bearing in mind this took place at Yew Tee market.... i just turned and walked away.....

Tactless.... that's just the way some people are.... sigh....

This brings me back to the reason why i don't like going to the market. I simply don't want to meet makciks who tell me that i'm having sex wrongly. I simply don't want to meet mak's friends to whom quick retorts would come across as being rude instead of witty and touche.... never mind lah.... paying a few more dollars to shop at supermarts is more acceptable to me, even if mak does not render it so..... Sorry mak... ;P

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