Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mum's Day

I still remember when I was young, when my siblings and I, armed with $2 each would go in search for our mum's day presents. I reckon at that time our mighty $2 could get us plenty. We'd end up wiyh funny funny gifts for her, once my brother got 3 packets of scouring pads and wrapped it up nicely. Another time I managed to find a bottle of Nescafe that came with a free gift and so felt so accomplished that I had TWO gifts instead of 1. heheh.... We never thought to pool our money to get her a more expensive gift. They were good times.

Now, we're all grown up and many Many many things have changed. God only knows how Mak felt on that Sunday. Only Farah was with her. My brother was, as usual, not around. I am not in SG, so it's a first for everyone that I was not there to orchestrate the whole Mum's Day Affair. It was very difficult for me. I was really wishing that I was with Mak. Apparently, from reliable source, she was upset that I didn't call her to wish her a happy day, but of course she didn't know that I had ordered a fruit basket and a bunch of flowers to be delivered to her. She was in tears it seems when she got it and called me immediately to say thank you.

It's difficult for everyone. I wish I was celebrating with little people who call me mummy but that's just a dream.

It's probably also difficult for my sayang. He is going through wild emotions with what has happened with his mum. I know it's so hard to have a mother and yet don't seem to have one...


Mak, thank you for being a wonderful, strong, amazing mum. Thanks for calling and checking up on me when I was sick. Thanks for being my walking recipe book. Thanks for all the advice( although I don't listen to half of it! ). Thanks for being there when I needed you to be. Thanks for understanding that I needed to leave and having the faith that I will never forsake you. Thanks for being my mak. I love you.

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Farah said...

This is so touching :) I wish mak can read and understand then we can tears together.. Sure will!