Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Escapade

It's settled. Alam and I will be visiting the most 'westernised' chinese city in China come Labour Day. Looking forward to a little US time away from Alam's work. A little getaway. Perhaps this is the much needed 'uplift' I need. I dunno, Have been feeling blue these days. I know I have plenty to be thankful for, but it's just human nature to want something they can't have.... Especially so when you are surrounded by people who have it so easy... Sometimes I feel so hypocritical when I smile and tell them how happy I am for them when I secretly want to lash out and yell and ask them, 'WHAT ABOUT ME???!!!??'

I think Alam is just the sweetest person on earth. He's so strong,even if he doesn't realise it. I just don't know what I'll do if he was not my pillar. I know he deserves so much more and for that I'm just so sorry....

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Anonymous said...

Romantic! I hope everything is ok with you:)