Monday, March 03, 2008


Since I have not been gainfully employed, I have been catching up on reading, movies and the likes that I have missed due to work commitments. I have come to realise that life is all about trade offs. No work-more readings-got time-can bake! Especially with no kids, I can afford to be indulgent and sit through dvd after dvd after dvd, just getting up when Bang or nature calls. As you can probably imagine, HMV has become somewhat a choice destination for me these days, what more with ORIGINAL dvds costing only hk$99! Some older titles go for even hk$49 which is sg$9!! My contraband dvd cost more than that!

Our last trip to HMV, which incidentally I can walk to from my home, like walking to the mama shop like that, found me and MBB going bonkers. We ended up spending about sg$200 on about 8 dvds, 2 music cds, his United and my Cosmo magazines. Like many things here, this is much cheaper than in sg.

Anyway, the point of this is that I'm now hooked on this.

It a brilliant show with well written script that is delivered with such dry dark humour that will escape you if you are not astute enough. I love it! It's about this suburban lady who was widowed and has turned to dealing pot to ensure she stays in her expensive house and drives her expensive range rover.

The series touches openly on homosexuality, infidelity, sexuality, coping with grief and loss, respect, human dynamics, human facades and drugs too. Of course.

The language is vulgar and dialogue on point. Hence the ban on it in sg. It's so appaling it's brilliant!

The last episode of season one ended up with the main character, Nancy ( the pot dealer ) meeting the dad of her son's friend and liking him a lot. As she sees it, he's the only sane one amongst all her plastic surgery endorsing, weed smoking and money is everything friends. BUT, as it turns out, he's a DEA agent! How's that for irony?! For the uninitiated, DEA is Drug Enforcement Administration, like our CNB like that lah.

Well, I'm off to get season 2 y'all!

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