Saturday, August 11, 2007

Very Proud, I Am

His shoulders were hunched and a look of sheer desperation and full fledged humiliation was splashed across his face. He did not have the dignity to look at us in the eye. His words were few and far in between. But that was then, feels like a lifetime ago. NOW, he is part of the elite 3Guards. This 18 year old has been through a lot. A LOT. While I hate what some people have done to him, I very resentfully have to, on hindsight, perhaps thank them for what they did to him. The ordeal that he has gone through, I pray to God no other persons have to experience. He managed to pull himself up and I hope, MBB and I had a teensy weensy bit part in that. He has definitely become a mature young adult who has his whole life in front of him. I hope he stays strong. If his strength of character and maturity is anything to go by, I am sure he will do just fine. I also hope that he knows that MBB and I will be there behind him. All the way, my dear.

Perhaps, this is God's way of letting me have a taste of what parents go through when their precious sons have to undergo NS. You think?

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Anonymous said...

Oi...siapa ni? How come I never knew anything about him? Do elaborate please!