Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I Did It!

I woke up to a snoring husband, a stiff neck and a really groggy head and after looking out of my window, a very very very heavy heart. It was raining... Noooo...
And so it was that I prepared for my final lesson and my test sans the butterfly soiree in the stomach this time but more of a dread. Why did it have to rain again?! The now-no-longer-snoring husband tried to comfort me. So sayang I of him but unless he can stop the rain, I was considering not even going.
And so it was that I told myself to heck it and just go. Rain and all.
And so it is, after 32 lessons albeit 1920 buckeroos, after a kerby during the first attempt, of which I of course failed, after 2 insructors and after buckets of rain, yours truly finally did it. Proud of myself, I am. Something long overdue this is.
Happy birthday my Mak Sayang. I know your many many doa helped. I hope this is as wonderful a gift as I can ever give you.
Ayang, I know we agreed on 2008, but ah, my hands very the gatal.... *wink*


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Welcome to the 4-wheel-mobile club! I take you will be able to drive us around when we get there right?? Don't even think of breathing a NO!

tscd said...

Hey, hope you had a great Christmas holiday! When are you planning to go shopping at the Premium Outlets?