Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lazy Saturday

MBB and I decided that we were not going to do anything remotely related to work today. So I decided that I was going to satisfy myself.... with a long time craving.

We went to NYDC @ Wheelock and had the jazzy brownie. Exactly the way I had wanted it. The brownie was soft, warm and chocful with pecan. The ice cream was cold and milky french vanilla. The drizzle was warm, thick choc fudge which melted into the ice cream. Very light whipped cream, handful of peanut bits and a fresh half cherry topped the whole thing off. I was in heaven! It was yummy, yummy, yummy and I was one satisfied woman. Heh. It will be a long time before I will want another brownie.

After that, we spent some time getting lost @ BORDERS. I love that place. Makes me feel clever. Heh. Got me a Torey Hayden. MBB got the collection of jokes and humorous anecdotes from Reader's Digest. We then went to this place. This place is new but it was so cosy with many armchairs. When we saw a corner being freed up, yours truly quickly went to settle herself there. After we settled down, MBB went to order our drinks. We decided to go with fruity drinks instead of our usual fixes.

That's our drinks with MBB's book. While we were surveying the surroundings, MBB looked up and saw this.

So pretty. Apparently the whole 'roof' of Milennia Walk is made up of many of these 'funnel' like thingies. I took this picture by simply looking up from my super comfy armchair. Incidentally, all pictures in this blog were taken by MBB's Motorola Razor V3X. Resolution's quite good. After we were done being in awe of this architectural amazement, MBB quickly started on his book while I, continued taking pictures. Heh. I like lah.

Thanx Ayang for a wonderfully lazy today.


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